Signature Drinks

Old Kentucky Saddle Horse
American version of the Moscow Mule. The flavors of lemon and lime paired with ginger beer and can’t forget the Old Crow Bourbon. Garnished with a lime. 

Lexington Lemonade
A close cousin to the Lynchburg
lemonade, we combine Old Crow
Bourbon with sweet and sour mix,
triple sec and top it off with sierra mist.
Also try it in raspberry or strawberry.

Bourbon Street Creme Soda
A tasty treat to enjoy any time of the day. Old Crow Bourbon, amaretto, Boylan's crème soda, topped with a cherry.

Kentucky Apple
We pair up Old Crow Bourbon with
apple juice and Boylan's ginger ale,
with a cherry on top. 

Mountain Maple
A splash of Pure Roland Maple Syrup,
paired with Old Crow Bourbon and
topped off with orange juice and
seltzer. Garnished with an orange slice.  

Rose Run
Old Crow Bourbon combined with the
flavor of mint, sweetened with simple
syrup and topped off with seltzer soda
for a refreshing beverage.

Bourbon County Bloody
Jimmy Luv’s Bloody mix served up
with Old Crow Bourbon, garnished
Wisconsin style with pepperjack,
cheddar cheese, beef stick and
pepperoni. And of course served
with a pickle and olive. Spicy mix
also available.

Classic Bourbon Cocktails

Old Crow Bourbon, Luxardo Cherry Liqueur, Lemon Juice, garnished with a cherry.  

Bourbon Sidecar
Old Crow Bourbon, Cointreau,
Lemon Juice, garnished with a lemon.  

The Revolver
Old Crow Bourbon, Kahlua,
and Orange Bitters.  

Bourbon Cocktail
Old Crow Bourbon, Benedictine,
Cointreau, and Bitters.

L&G Cocktail
Old Crow Bourbon, Chambord,
Cointreau, garnished with a lemon.

Brooklyn Eagle
Old Crow Bourbon, Cointreau,
Sweet Vermouth and Lime juice, 
garnished with a lime.

Mint Julep
Old Crow Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Mint Leaves, garnished with a mint leaf.